jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

I'm staying

I'm staying with whole weeks without talking because you are going through some deep, dark, literary period if you stay with the two hour stories about how I reflect my childhood trauma in my drawings.
I'm staying with your broken emotional thermostat, always too cold or too hot, if you stay with my vast collection of messes.
I'm staying with things I can't stand you care so much about if you stay with the ones I really couldn't care less about. And viceversa.
I'm staying.
I don't know for how long.
But I'm staying whole, with every fiber of my being.
I'm staying until the very end of space.
I don't know for how long.
I never know for how long.

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Alexa dijo...

Jael escribís muy lindo, no me canso de decirtelo